Shrajan Shakti Vermi Compost


Devi Nature Organic Farm (DNOF)'s Vermicompost is made by the organic material through the use of worms. Vermicompost improves physical, biological & chemical properties of the soil. The worms are made/produced the organic matter, so the nutrients are immediately available to plants. Vermicompost enhances plants growth, reduce disease in plants, increases porosity and microbial activity in soil and improves water retention and aeration.

Vermicompost is nothing more than humus-rich earthworm excrement. Earthworms can be artificially raised in a brick tank or close to a tree's stem or trunk (especially horticultural trees). We can manufacture the necessary amounts of vermicompost by providing these earthworms with food (biomass) and hydrating their habitat.

By using worms and organic waste, vermicompost is created. Vermicompost enhances the soil's biological, chemical, and physical characteristics. Since the worms created the organic debris, the plants could use the nutrients right away. Vermicompost promotes the growth of plants, plants disease is reduced, soil porosity and microbial activity are increased, and water retention and aeration are improved.

Nutrient Content of Vermicompost

  • Nitrogen
  • Organic Carbon
  • Phosphorous
  • Calcium & Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Copper & Zinc
  • Iron & Sulphure
  • And other micro-nutrients with vitamins, enzymes and hormones.

Advantage of Vermicompost:

Vermicompost contains plant growth hormones & enzymes, as well as NKP (nitrogen 2-3%, potassium 1.85-2.25%, and phosphorus 1.55-2.25%), micronutrients, and advantageous soil bacteria. It is showing to be a "wonder growth stimulant & also plant protective" according to scientific research.

Vermicompost has no unpleasant odour, is free-flowing, simple to use, manage, and store. It reduces soil erosion and enhances soil aeration, texture, structure, and water-holding capacity. It restores the pH of the soil.

Elevated pH levels in vermicompost may be caused by the release of too much organic nitrogen as ammonia, which quickly dissolved in water and raised the pH. Vermicompost has already been found to have greater N levels on average.

Vermicompost has the benefit of being abundant in all vital plant nutrients:

  • Vermicompost has the benefit of being abundant in all vital plant nutrients.
  • Offers a great impact on plant growth overall, promotes the development of new shoots and leaves, and enhances the quality and shelf life of the produce.
  • Vermicompost has no unpleasant odour, is free-flowing, and is simple to use, handle, and store.
  • It prevents soil erosion and enhances soil aeration, structure, texture, and water holding capacity.
  • Vermicompost is abundant in beneficial microflora, including N-fixers, Psolubilizers, microflora that breaks down cellulose, etc.
  • Vermicompost boosts earthworm activity and population in the soil by containing earthworm cocoons.
  • It balances the pH of the soil.
  • It reduces nutrient losses and boosts the effectiveness of chemical fertilisers when used.

1. Shrajan Shakti- Vermicompost

Compared to commercial fertilisers, Devi Nature Organic Farm's Shrajan Shakti vermicompost as an organic fertiliser has the potential to synthesise some necessary nutrients for promoting plant growth. Vermicompost has a significant impact on plant growth. It increases the nutrients that are available to plants, assisting seeds to germinate more quickly, grow more swiftly, form healthier root systems, and yield more. It entails more fresh fruits and veggies or flowers. Vermicompost enhances the texture and structure of the soil.


2. Shrajan Shakti Gold

This type of compost is created using the same nutrients found in fertiliser, such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), and magnesium (Mg), in order to strengthen the soil's structure and produce better root systems and higher yields.

3. Shrajan Shakti Diamond

When blossoms and fruits are scarce or absent from a plant, Shrajan Shakti Diamond should be used to boost plant production by providing manure to the soil. Using the Shrajan Shakti Diamond and the Big 3 primary nutrients—organic fertiliser strength—it promotes the best growth possible for trees, plants, vegetables, and fruits. Each of these essential elements is essential for plant development and sustenance.

How to Use/Dosage:

  • Potted plants: 2-3 fists (according to plant’s size/age) for every 20 - 25 days.
  • Citrus, pomegranate, and guava tree - 2 Kg/tree (before the initiation of the flowering season.)
  • Mango and coconut trees (twice a year - in March and September)

- At planting - 2 kg/tree
- Trees 1-5 years - 5kg/tree
- Trees Above 5 years - 10 kg/tree


  • Vermicompost pit should be protected from direct sun light.
  • To maintain moisture level, spray water on the pit as an when required.
  • Protect the worms from ant, rat and bird

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